Cat behavior and training is a hot topic lately, and we’ve developed a cat behavior track to meet the growing demand for high-quality resources for our feline friends. Dilara Göksel Parry and Mikel Delgado—two of the best cat behavior consultants in the business—will be sharing case studies from their cat behavior consulting practice at IAABC 2017. They’ll be talking us through how to set up successful consultations from start to finish, including history taking, assessment, recommendations, and follow-up.

A variety of behavior issues will be presented, with the goal of sharing complex cases and their resolutions to illustrate each part of the consulting process. These cases will represent common issues in cat behavior consulting (e.g., litterbox avoidance, aggression). Dilara and Mikel will also touch on how to modify recommendations based on the household and the humans, to achieve better outcomes for everyone in the family.